Re: We almost lost Daddy today :(

Elizabeth McKenzie

Brenda, hope everything goes well for your family.  It's hard to give them up, but it sounds like you're all fighting for him.  I'll bet he knows that.  It sounds like he's got some fight left in him, too.

On Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 3:08 AM, Nightowl >8# <featheredleader@...> wrote:
This morning, at the Veteran's Home where my 92 year old Dad lives, he had an episode where he was non-responsive, cold and clammy to the touch, and weak pulse. The weirdest thing was he had no BP reading at all. They took him to his room to lay him back down, and he was gone. No pulse, no heart beat, nothing. He has a DNR, so they couldn't try that.

Then he opened his eyes and started breathing. Totally freaked out the staff. (Family wasn't there yet). This is what followed:
Supervisor: Jewell?
Jewell: Yeah?
Supervisor: Are you allright?
Jewell: Yeah
Supervisor: We called your wife and son.
Jewell: Why would you do that?
Supervisor: You stopped breathing.
Jewell: I did? about surreal...they said when he first opened his eyes after having no pulse it was really freaky. I can just imagine it. I might have bolted down the hallway scared!

He stayed in bed all day, they didn't attempt to move him again. He knew who we were,  was just really weak and tired. He ate a little, but mostly slept all day. Mom, my brother and I were up there off and on and Mom's elder came up as well from the church.

They checked Dad's pacemaker and it was doing fine, so it's just the fact that his heart is old and tired, and yeah... I'm scared to finish that sentence...It could happen again, or not. No one knows. So right now, all we can do, is wait and see how he is tomorrow...and pray we don't lose him overnight.

My sister who lives 3 hours away and can't come until maybe tomorrow, really wants to see Daddy in case. So I'm praying she gets here before well... before it's too late.

And who knows, he could live 6 more his sister did. Anyway, requesting prayers from anyone who prays, and good wishes from those who don't.



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