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The Telegraph Syndication department has refused permission for us to post the entire article anywhere the public can see it, even on a non-commercial basis.
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Post the Link to the article, and advise readers to follow the Prompts (which you have).

David's advice is:

- If a reader follows the prompt and gives an email address to Register,
they should be able to read the article either straight away, or after receiving an email like this:
- This does not seem to be affected if a reader is then asked for personal and payment details, as well as an email address:

- Filling in those details merely sets up a 30 Day Free Trial, which can be cancelled before the first payment becomes due.

- Backing-out without giving personal and payment details may result in receiving a reminder email like this:
- Either way, they should still be able to read the one article online.
(While we have not asked the Telegraph’s opinion specifically, I believe that anyone who is still stuck may request a personal copy of the article for their sole private study, provided they themselves don’t share it either.)

Copyright is in the specific words used, and the typographic layout of the page, not in the facts, ideas or opinions expressed.
The Telegraph agrees that anybody is free to post an outline of what’s in the article in their own words, and quote some examples in Olivia’s words.

OKAY. I am going to post another post explaining what I'm about to do. This one is mostly for information

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