Re: December 20, 2019 Update To Earlier Warning About Virus Alerts In Verizon’s GetMyData YahooGroups! Data

Delainey Owen

*snorts at the paranoia* is Tumblr's standard redirect domain, for anyone who didn't already know this - there's no fraudulently mimicking Tumblr whatsoever.  Take a look below:
The first part ( is redirecting to a google doc, just like the post said!  (All of the %3A%2F stuff are ways to represent characters like / in a URL when you can't use the actual / character.)  And if you continue looking through the link, you can see at the end that it has, because that is indeed where it's redirecting from.  This is exactly what happens when you copy part of a Tumblr post and paste it somewhere else, which is precisely what Morgan did.  If you're in doubt, go to the Yahoo-Geddon Tumblr and you'll see the top post there has that link (which is where I copied the above link from, not the post here!).  A little bit of investigation would have proved there was no malicious or fraudulent action here.

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