Re: Download of ALL Group Messages

Delainey Owen

All of the Yahoo Groups mbox files are numbered like that with .00001, etc.; even the groups with only a single mbox will have .00001 after them.  So that file is complete as it is.  If Apple Mail can't import it, sounds like a problem with Apple Mail.  Sylpheed imports all of them easily (and you do not need to rename the ending), so I'd recommend giving that a try.  I understand the "we don't need to install anything, it comes installed on our OS!" attitude, but in this case it appears that the default program that you have is NOT handling the file as it should, and multiple people - including one Mac user - have tested Sylpheed and found it to work beautifully with Yahoo Groups mbox files.  It's also lightweight so you don't have to worry about it consuming a lot of system resources while running.

If you need a tutorial for using Sylpheed, you can find it here:

I don't recommend running cat on the mboxes as you could end up with a very large file that can choke a program importing it (I've had one group that took 92 mbox files for its messages!).  With Sylpheed you can just import one after another into the same folder and you end up with all messages in one continuous archive.


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