Re: Download of ALL Group Messages

Delainey Owen

Ah, yeah, I missed that - my tutorial makes it clear that you need to import the mailbox, and that would be the same for any email client one imported the mboxes into.  Hopefully Apple Mail is easy enough to import into - I've heard that Thunderbird's a lot more difficult to import into, and I run Linux myself (no Macs around my house), so I chose Sylpheed because it was cross-platform, lightweight, worked without a mail account, and I could create a tutorial that would work for everyone.  I encourage someone who has done it successfully into another program (such as Apple Mail) to create a tutorial with screenshots to help the average user who struggles to figure things out.

I'm looking into methods for converting the mbox files to html or pdf without paying exorbitant prices for software.  I've seen companies charging as much as $69 for that basic functionality - and I can tell you that it really wouldn't take that long for someone who knows what they're doing to make a simple tool that would do it!  So that is a bit ridiculous, in my opinion.  There are some tools out there that need a bit of exploration further before I can say that I have a real solution; probably I'll have something once it gets to February, and any joining of groups is well and truly done.


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