Re: Download of ALL Group Messages

Delainey Owen

On Sun, Dec 29, 2019 at 11:46 AM, Nightowl >8# wrote:
Now I'm puzzled. I thought there WAS an automatic quote feature on Does anyone know how to do it?

ROFL, there is.  I'm just slow to spot it, apparently - the icon is quite different than what I'd expected.  You would think a quotation mark was a quote icon?  Nope, that's for the blockquote bit.  The conversation bubble is "quote whole post".  My eyes glanced right over it because it's totally different from most quote icons that I've seen.  (I'm thinking whoever designed that should've looked at common usage, but maybe there are places where that's used…)  I'll remember that for the next time!

And I've done some testing of the mbox to html conversions - there's a Python script that will do it but it has some issues currently.  I'm going to see if some people I know who are good with Python can work on it and fix the problems so they'll work smoothly.  It's possible that there's a way to host that on a website, so that someone could upload their mbox file and download the converted html without needing to know how to run Python scripts (it's not something for a tech newbie; you definitely have to be comfortable with some command-line work).  But whether I want to host that on my website would depend on how much bandwidth it would use, lol.


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