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Delainey Owen

On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 02:42 PM, noahddark@... wrote:
I say let them figure it out for themselves, & place them on moderation if they are being rude to the rest of the group.
I'm not the owner or a mod, no idea what tools Yahoo's left them with.  I think the mods were trying to get a group set up here so they could at least invite members over.  I've not really had time to follow it as we (the fandom rescue project) are still trying to save data from what groups we can via the GMD.

I can't see how to get new applicants to write something to me before I approve them.  My group is for emotional support for people who were abused by their parents.  So we deal with very personal, sensitive issues & are restricted.  I need to be able to have some control over who can join, before I let them in.  Can anyone advise?
I hope someone else has some wisdom here - I've barely had a chance to look at this site so far.


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One of the groups I'm saving has about a dozen people trying to unsubscribe by hitting Reply All, and at least two who are being rude to the point of profanity and cursing at others (including the group owner, which they were blaming for not blocking the emails flooding their inbox), because in at least one of the cases their email provider threatened to lock their account because of the "unusually high volume of spam".  Someone did send an email detailing how to unsubscribe via email, but most clearly did not read it carefully (as evidenced by their emails to the whole group saying "please unsubscribe"), and one who did follow it said it wasn't working - they were still subscribed.  (I'm at the point of just rolling my eyes at Verizon/Yahoo; their incompetence is stunning in its breadth and depth.)


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