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Try google groups

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Hi Lawrence, I have two groups using from a few years ago and I recently wanted to switch over another group but now it doesn’t serve our needs. We are all smallish groups that make and swap greeting cards and we like up upload the cards we make to named albums within our groups for others to see. We also use tables to sign up participants to specific card themed card swaps. I don’t know where to turn now. Facebook isn’t the best alternative option.  We are too small to pay $20/month.

Diane in Canada


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I moved my SurvivingTheDayAfter group from YG to in 2018 and was

grandfathered as part of the first wave of moves. We have all the options and don't pay anything for full service.  




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Shal, seems to me that basic is now only good for email.  There's no point to it if we can't have files and downloading of pictures to albums.
Diane in Canada

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Hi Jill,

> I moved our group to Groups io recently. I haven't been asked to pay
> for anything and thought there was a basic free service (that we were
> using) that would remain free. Have I got this wrong?

Not at all.

As others mentioned, groups on the Basic plan are free (and have always

Unless you use the Premium free trial (a new thing), any newly created
group starts out on the Basic plan. You can use the Upgrade page if you
want more features or more storage (in the Admin part of the column of
links on the left).

There is a certain amount of confusion afoot because Basic groups
created before August 24th of this year have more features than those
created later. The earlier groups are "grandfathered" with the features
they had when created.

So if you visit Sanctuary while logged in you'll see a bunch of features
in the left column (Polls, Chats, Subgroups, Directory, Calendar,
Photos, Files, Databases, Wiki) that a newer Basic group won't have.



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