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Diane Arthurs

Thank you Shal. Lots of helpful info in your email.
Diane in Canada

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> The group I was trying to change to has up to now been
> thanking their card swapping partner in email and attaching a picture
> of the card they received to the thank you email so that all members
> can see the card.
> This is eating up our email space.

There are two controls in the Message Policies panel of your group's
Settings page that may help:

| Max Photo Size In Email
| Automatically resize photos that are larger than a specific size in
| emails.

Setting this to a small-ish size like 488 x 488 will likely produce
acceptable results, yet save a lot of space in your group's storage.
Even the larger selections are likely to save considerable space
compared to an image straight out of the member's camera (which are
often very large image files).

| Storage Limit Reached
| What to do when the group is out of space.

Setting this one to "Delete Old Attachments" will spare you the effort
of clearing room for new message attachments. The downside is that
there's no way to protect a particularly important or desirable
attachment from deletion.

> We also use tables to sign up participants to specific card themed
> card swaps.

I don't see an solution for this within the features of a newer Basic
group (lacking the Database feature).

Since you're already a Gmail user maybe Google Sheets can do what you
need. You can make a link to share a sheet with your group, and set the
link to allow anyone who has the link to edit the sheet. That way your
group members don't need Google accounts.


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