Re: alternative

Nightowl >8#

Shal Farley wrote:>> If you use the IMAP protocol to connect your client to your email service, then your Inbox is on their servers. Other folders can be created either on their servers on your computer. You can manually copy or move messages between folders (server and local) or set up filters to do that.<<

I think that's what I do. I have a huge extensive network of folders on Thunderbird that have every group, posts, mail, e-mails, etc, by person's name or group or category. I move EVERYTHING out of inbox, and should have every single e-mail or post since I started on the computer.

I also moved a lot of older direct e-mails out of Thunderbird and saved those down to my hard drive. And I save all actual e-mail from persons non-group related on my hard drive in text format.

Shal wrote:>>I use Thunderbird to move messages...I may be spoiled by my use of Eudora and Thunderbird, but I expect an email client to have very facile search capabilities built-in. Far better than having the messages in some other format and trying to use grep, finder, explorer, or other generic search tool.<<

Exactly, and that's what I use also, Thunderbird. And it can search my extensive network of folders just fine! :)


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