Re: Coping during Covid (was: still not displaying...)

Nightowl >8#

Elizabeth wrote:>> I'm so glad you're keeping Sanctuary and Hollow Tree open. Even though our original cause is lost, you fought a tremendous fight and we all appreciate our Owlsy.<<

This is to everyone here, ok? I changed the title so the topic fits.

I still feel bad that I was unable to save groups in January. I often wonder had I been able to stay focused on the fight in December 2019/January 2020, if I could have finally gotten through to them. But we'll never know.

I had to do what had to be done and that was handle moving my Mom, and then coping with her death, funeral, and moving everything back to the house.

But we did fight a tremendous fight, and I appreciate all of you more than you know. I rescued the archives of MM long ago, when was just starting out, and they are all here, safe, except for the last few years which are saved in my mail client and or word files.

Since Mom died and my world changed in an instant, and then Covid came along and changed it even more, I have been struggling to reach out and talk to people, both online and off. For some reason I start feeling overwhelmed at times when I try.

But we can talk about Covid and the newly changed world in here if you want, or we can move this part of the conversation to Hollow Tree. Just let me know.

Know I am here for you, even if I'm not here every day or posting. You can always post to me or e-mail to me and I'll answer.

On a good note, both my brother and SIL tested negative for COVID today and are going to be ok! Thank you for all your prayers.

Still here, if you need me,


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