Re: No place to hide

Nightowl >8#

Steve Hayes wrote:>>So it looks as though the hope that would provide a sanctuary for refugees from the YahooGroups debacle was misplaced. At first it offered something like the pre-2014 YahooGroups, but now it has been reduced to the severely truncated version of October 2019 to December 2020. Perhaps we are all victims of internet entropy.<<

If what you mean is that it's not free anymore, like Yahoo was, that is understandable. We were all so lucky to have Yahoo groups for free for as long as we had it. Nothing great is usually free, but man, Classic Groups were.

And we got spoiled. It was nice to have something for free, but times have changed. I admit, not everyone can afford Mark's new prices. If I had to, I'd be in trouble, because I can't. My groups including this one, are grandfathered in.

But for the monthly price, of what was it, $20.00 a month for That's not a bad price for what all the paid version offers from what I gather. It's a matter of choice, how much you want a group, how much you need from a group, etc.

Steve wrote:>> So perhaps it's time to say goodbye to everyone left on YahooGroups and warn them that there is nowhere to flee to, and how long before goes the same way?<<

You can say goodbye to everyone from Yahoo Groups if you choose, I plan to stay right here and stay in touch with them. And I don't believe will go the same way as long as there are people willing to pay for it.

What was it that someone on MM used to say, " get what you paid for... ZERO." Can't remember who that was.

They sure proved that right, didn't they?


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