Re: No place to hide

David Halfpenny

On 19 Oct 2020, at 09:43, Nightowl >8# <featheredleader@...> wrote:

Steve Hayes wrote:>>So it looks as though the hope that would provide a sanctuary for refugees from the YahooGroups debacle was misplaced. 

If what you mean is that it's not free anymore, like Yahoo was, that is understandable. 

 I admit, not everyone can afford Mark's new prices.

I’d cheerfully pay Mark an All-Group subscription.
My problem is that I can’t afford to pay separately for each individual group I used to admin.

Fortunately, the last year has demonstrated that Email Only works fine for me.
I realise it won’t for people who used the full range of Yahoo facilities.

The thing that would kill for me would be if it stopped storing email attachments (something that Yahoo did for many years).

David 1/2d

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