Re: question



I can't find an "Upgrade" page anywhere.

It should be in the left-hand column of page links:


If you don't see it perhaps you're a moderator without permission for Billing. Or, if you don't see the Admin set of pages at all maybe you're logged in as a member, or not logged in. Or, if it says "Billing" then you're looking at a Premium group.

Out of curiosity -- for groups that started before Oct. 2019 and have "all" the features without paying anything indefinitely, I think they are not quite equivalent to Premium groups, right? 

Correct. Premium groups have 20 GB storage instead of 1 GB, and they have various other features like Direct Add that are not available to legacy Basic groups. In my screenshot note the list of "Legacy Enabled" versus "Not Enabled".

Premium groups supposedly have expedited customer support (for whatever that's worth).  I assume that the free Basic groups started before a year ago don't have that particular feature.

That too is correct.


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