Re: No place to hide

Steve Hayes

On 19 Oct 2020 at 7:58, Andy wrote:

Steve wrote, "So perhaps it's time to say goodbye to everyone left on
YahooGroups and warn them that there is nowhere to flee to ..."

What? Why do you say that?

Isn't there

It's FREE.
Yes it is, for now.

I know what it offers now, and what it used to offer.

And I know what Yahoo offers now, until December, and what it used to offer.

And I understand why might have to reduce what it offers in the
face of another influx of refugees from YahooGroups -- disk space costs
money, bandwidth costs money, and there has to be a source of income to keep
it going.

Yahoo had a source of income to keep services going because they offered a
variety of services and could attract advertising revenue. They mismanaged
it, failed to understand what made their operation successful and messed it
up. Yahoo had a record of taking over niche operations, messing them up, and
then abandoning them.

But I wonder if going back to a niche operation like mailing lists will be
successful in the long run. I hope it is, but I fear that it might not be,
and that will mean that those who use those services will have nowhere to run

That's all.

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