Re: No place to hide



But I wonder if going back to a niche operation like mailing lists will be
successful in the long run. I hope it is, but I fear that it might not be,
and that will mean that those who use those services will have nowhere to run
The best way to ensure that is always a place to run to, is to help pay for it.

"My advice has always been that if you want to see GIO stay around, then upgrade to a premium group. That's the best way to show support. That goes for any service, not just us, btw."
Mark Fletcher, beta #22467.

If your group can't afford Premium for a year, perhaps you can afford one month of Premium once a year, or however often suits your circumstances.

It is true that about the only Premium feature you can use practically on an intermittent basis is Direct Add, but some types of groups might have the equivalent of Membership drives. For example I personally paid for a month or two of Premium for my PTA group each year just so that I can direct-add the new parents each Fall rather than having to track invitations. With a few hundred new members each year the reduced effort was worth it to me.

Your circumstances may not include such an obvious advantage/motivation, or an ability to pay, but it is something to consider if you want to be proactive about supporting a service that you would regret losing.

Yahoo had a source of income to keep services going because they offered a
variety of services and could attract advertising revenue.

Brenda and all of the supporters of Mods and Members fought the good fight, but ultimately I believe that they couldn't overcome the question of motivation: how to convince someone else to pay for the specific service you want, when all they want is your eyeballs (and they believe there are more efficient ways to collect eyeballs). With the situation is much more directly in our own control: either we the users pay for it, or we don't.


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