Re: observation on pricing (was: question)

Simon Hedges

David wrote:



I only had one paid-for group, and we’ve downgraded that because we don’t need the Premium features.

To fund the first year and transfer, our members Paypalled-in donations.

Once we’ve filled the Data allowance, we’ll need an annual appeal.


I fear that, unless Mark has a lot of Business customers, his income could nose-dive this autumn.


And I worry that if his income dives, will fail and close.  I moved 4 groups (with a number of subgroups) across from yahoogroups last year.  They are legacy groups that are used mainly for reference purposes and their archives now.  I’d be content to pay $220 a year across all of them, but $880 is just too much.  I plan to keep one of them as premium in order to provide Mark with an income, but am letting the other 3 go to free.  However, I would prefer the situation regularised.  I just worry that the whole thing isn’t sustainable with the massive drop off in subscription income that will experience this autumn. 



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