Re: observation on pricing (was: question) Schools?

Jan Carey

I had the Santa Clara Unified School District Adult Ed's Yahoo school's gardening knowledge moved to
I paid for the move from Yahoo with my own money to save that the gardening knowledge files; however, the information is about to move again because I can't pay for the amount he is asking.  Too bad no school accounts, we fundraise 90% of plot/garden repairs, ask students to help to buy the seed packets needed to raise plants, and work in tandem as one gardening community to maintain it (no help with most of the maintaining.) 
We have no fat to cut to pay for this.  Yes, there needs a special category.

 At this time, SCUSD does not use "Canvas" as a school; therefore, I will be moving the files to "One Drive."  My goal at this juncture will be to create a digital database of knowledge for any future Adult Ed gardening teachers.  No more access for the 84+ students, just the way it has to roll.

This gives the knowledge of why we have to leave. Perhaps they give grants to schools to make it affordable.

Sincerely and sadly,

Janice Carey, Santa Clara Unified School District Garden Instructor

On Friday, October 23, 2020, 3:12:52 PM PDT, Deane <deanerimerman@...> wrote:

Let's reach out to Mark and find out!

His relatively small operation a year ago was flooded with payments to rescue our archives and I'm willing to be that he's been responsible with that  pile of cash knowing that in a year it won't be as much. 

He also mentioned at the end of last year that his was going to revisit pricing so there's more options, so we need to find out his latest thoughts on that.

In my case I spent the big bucks to rescue the two most important yahoogroup archives and  just got downgraded this week when payment didn't go through. These accounts are near inactive, but the archives represent 20 years of daily history that I will do all I can to permanently preserve way past my lifetime. Suspect others like myself would be interested in a legacy type membership that ensures that the data is not ever lost. Beyond that I"ve not much need for other features and services. 

How about all the other Yahoogroup refugees? What are your needs? 

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