Last post listed is in 2015

lawrence rayburn

LR wrote:>>What a joke this 'sanctuary' is!!   You can't see current posts from members.   At least on Groups.IO it functions like the old YahooGroups used to do and you can carry on conversations that all members can see.    LR in west Texas<<

The last post in this group is Message # 633 which was posted on May 1, 2020

This IS a Groups.IO group.

You must be reading the messages backwards in some manner, because you should be able to see all the messages.  Select Messages on the left and choose the manner you want to view them in.

If you still have problems, post again and I'll see what else we can do.

BTW this group is mostly for Yahoo Refugees who wanted to find a safe place to continue to communicate with our Crusade Headquarters while Yahoo was so unstable.

Unfortunately, Yahoo is dead, Verizon destroyed it, didn't help us rescue our archives very well, and I feel that the crusade is over. But I've left the groups intact for those still trying to retrieve info, etc.

Nightowl >8#

lawrence rayburn

I went to my Groups.IO list of groups and posted that post to  and the list of posts showed the last post to
have been in 2015....which is why I commented.  

[[MODERATOR NOTE: I explained that you were seeing the first messages. Click on the date and it will flip to the last messages. Or Put Message #633 in the message number box.]]
I moved my SurvivingTheDayAfter@... forum to STDA@Groups.IO back in 2018  when Yahoo was going crazy. 
I lost about 750 members of the old group when my co-owner, Larry Shurr, went crazy and deleted the entire member list.  I've had a
terrible time locating former members and inviting them back.  
So, any former members or survivalists wanting to prepare for what's coming on the USA soon.....come join us at STDA@Groups.IO.  
You can still carry on conversations there with other members and see the it used to be on the old YG. 
Lawrence Rayburn   STDA@Groups.IO list owner