Nightowl >8#

Hey all!

Sorry I was gone all evening, and my e-mail didn't work. John fixed it, so hopefully it will work tomorrow when I'm back at Mom's.

Anyway,I discovered when trying to do the launch tonight, that it was hard to put how to find the contact pages in a tweet. I tried several methods, but all took too many characters.

So I had an idea, and I made a new post on the blog, with the title "THE YAHOO GROUPS CALL TO ACTION PLAN!" I put there, the description of how to find the sidebar, and what I hoped they would do. I requested each person do at least 3 contacts.

I hope that you will spread this around, because we only have 8 days, and I'm pretty sure they are all tired of hearing just from me. Please feel free to RT or post it anywhere, the short link is:

We have to start showing them we mean business by overwhelming them with contacts. I can't stress how important this is. Meanwhile, the Washington Post article may come out tomorrow, according to our reporter, and the NPR story, I'm not sure when that one comes out, but I asked that reporter to give me a heads up.

Man.... I'm tired. I crusaded all afternoon, went to Mom's to make up lists for moving her, came home to get John and went out and measured the new apartment, went back to her house and measured the furniture she wants to take, and finally came home.

Even Crusading Owls need their sleep. I'm counting on you all to take the offensive stance with this Call To Action because I can't keep up the pressure on my own very well and pack Mom up to move too.

You're my loyal team, and you always have been. I can't thank you all enough.

Nightowl >8#