LAUNCHING THE CALL TO ACTION! -- Update for December 8th


Selina here, with another update regarding the "Call to Action".  Yesterday, Owlsy received a response from Verizon concerning the banning of accounts for archivists, and the general idea of what we can expect from Verizon as we go forward.
We have to start showing them we mean business by overwhelming them with contacts. I can't stress how important this is. Meanwhile, the Washington Post article may come out tomorrow, according to our reporter, and the NPR story, I'm not sure when that one comes out, but I asked that reporter to give me a heads up.
Absolutely.  We have tried to do things as much between the parties involved, voicing our concerns.  While its easy for someone like me to have pessimistic viewpoints on big corporations and The Things That They Will Do, I tried to remain open minded that, if we could get Verizon/Yahoo's attention, our articulated reasoning (why we have large teams of archivists, why we are reminding them of Get My Data's malfunction, etc..) would click and they would have just realized that things are as simple as giving us more time and letting us finally (after years and years of a broken UI) give us the tools to grab years of treasured fandom works and be on our way.

If you are bothered by this, you can take action: