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Subject: Re: [modsandmembers] more offers to save group data
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2019 17:31:17 +0000 (UTC)
From: AQ aq2sw3@yahoo.com [modsandmembers] <modsandmembers@yahoogroups.com>
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To: pg ponygroom@yahoo.com [modsandmembers] <modsandmembers@yahoogroups.com>

pg ponygroom@yahoo.com asked:

Do these offers come at a price?
Not yet! They ask to become members in order to save archives. In no case have I received a reply to my inquiry as to their purpose in saving the archives, or in making the offer at this late date. One group has zero archives except for old messages of no possible use to anyone since it is not a discussion group but announcements-only. Perhaps a price would come later if I agreed to the proposal.

Do they say they are part of Archive Team?
No. One gave a somewhat vaguely related reason for wanting to join the group, the others did not indicate what possible interest they could have in doing this. The messages were sent to the owner-address, not an email address.

Is the group they say they want to save Public? Or is it Private?
They are public, but most with narrow interest, so limited in that sense, but not private. The groups range from a few hundred to a few thousand members. In the largest group, messages are not viewable except by the moderators, so I don't even know what a new member could achieve unless the next step would be to ask me to change the membership to moderator.

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