More Yahoo Groups Breakage (Keeping in Contact with our FeatheredLeader)


Im sure this is nothing new but, Yahoo seems to have broken one more thing about Yahoo Groups.  Feathered Leader had contacted me, asking to check on their Yahoo Group.  They found that they were not able to reply to a group thread, nor create any new conversation in the Mods and Members Yahoo Group.  I went over to one of my groups (data already saved and with the members already having moved off to a new platform) just to see if I could experience the same thing. Sure enough, I cannot reply to a conversation (in my Yahoo Group) and I cannot start a new conversation/topic either. The "New Topic" button and "reply" button (in a thread) are simply not there.

Safe to say that we will need to lean on this group to keep the conversation going.  For anyone who does need to reach Feathered Leader, please contact them via email (not sure I can post an email address in the thread). While some of us may have completely moved conversations over to another platform, not everyone would have had the chance to move their groups over to a new platform (due to Yahoo's other issues in regard to people getting data downloaded).  Thanks alot, Yahoo....You have become even more like a doorstop.