OKAY! Here's where we are at the CALL TO ACTION!

Nightowl >8#

Hey all,

Selina and I have been working on the Blog and the Call To Action preparation ALLLLLL DAY, ALLLLLNIGHT and well, she went to bed already. ;)

Anyway, hopefully by tomorrow morning we will have things up and ready. I have been hunting up Stockholders contact info all night, and we've started a page on the blog for that info.

I'm working on the Board Members and the Advertisers. I'm not sure how to find out the top advertisers who support Verizon, but I'm trying. If anyone else knows how to find that, let me know.

We have the open letter to Verizon on the blog, you can read that here:

We should be up and fully operational by tomorrow afternoon.

I'll keep you posted!

Nightowl >8#