OKAY! Here's where we are at the CALL TO ACTION! (Keeping an Eye Out For Response)


Just got off the phone with Nightowl. Laptop is still at mom's so checking some email has been slow. She is waiting for Yahoo to take action, having finally reached someone over there.  Essentially, they have requested the list of the IDs of the archive team accts that were affected in this ban.  We have waited and waited for a response since then to see if they are doing anything related to getting the archive team's acct's unbanned.  Andrew will be checking up on things in less than an hour from now.  If the accts remain locked by 7pm CST, its gonna be about that time to start  reaching out. 

Our website has been undergoing an update, and I have added some useful pages for all the contacts, seen on the right sidebar. This is how you can contact them.