Nightowl >8#

Hey all,

Sorry I've been absent for so long. I'm well aware that our deadline is fast approaching, and I intend to attempt one last try to get Verizon to back down.

We had the Memorial Service for my Mom on Saturday, I played the piano for it and it went really well. I will miss her a lot, but she's free of pain.

So here is what I need from you all for this last push to stop this:

I need you all to find every single article about Verizon (even if about 5G) and either post the url here or send them to me at owlsy AT Yahoo .com

I will make a effort on Weds and Thurs to push back by writing the authors and possibly calling media as well. I will have more time on Thursday for sure, as I'm taking a break from packing for a sedation teeth appointment. (pray for me to cope but don't post about teeth, thanks.)

Okay, gotta go, start finding articles!



I have to work today with my sister and others to pack up the apartment