Tragedy in my family - Thanks for your support

Nightowl >8#

Hey all,

I want to thank everyone in here for their support, and I promise, I'm trying to do all I can to somehow save our groups. I had intended to tweet a lot tonight, as I made a new post on the blog yesterday,

Urgent Update On Yahoo
This is the tiny URL for Twitter:

But I learned this morning that my cousin's son committed suicide in California, by jumping off an 150+ foot cliff...He was only 20 years old. :(

I grew up with his father, who now lives in Murray, KY, and he is just devastated.

If that isn't bad enough, the same cousin's father was informed that his 50 something year old niece was found dead in her residence in Murray, KY. That one is being treated as a crime scene, with suspicious motives, and we have no information about it yet. They won't even release the body.

One family...two tragic deaths in the same week...

Please understand that I don't feel much like crusading tonight. I'll try doing it tomorrow, when there will be football on TV to help distract me, but all I'm doing tonight is sitting here thinking, and staring at this article about it with this immensely steep & wickedly rocky cliff, and much that he would have turned to someone... anyone...before choosing to take his life. :(

I've been there...felt like him, but was pulled back from the brink, and this really touches a chord in my heart.

Anyway...I can't thank you enough for all your support...and after a good night's sleep, I can probably tweet tomorrow.

Thank you all for your understanding,