... Workaround for PG Offline v4.0.902* '2-factor authentication' failure messages!!

Robert Hare

Thank you for the new(est) version link for PGO, Wilson. Just as an FYI, prior to installing v4.0.907 from the link you provided, I tried to search for updates (internally in PGO) and it still said I had the latest version (which was still v4.0.902 I had installed at that time). In any event, I am now on v4.0.907. Just another 'quirk' (a good one, IMHO), v4.0.907 is the first version that 'remembered' that I like to open the program with a 'maximized' window (all previous incarnations always seemed to open with a 'normal' (read: not maximized) window and a bit off center to the lower right side of my desktop. Another quirk at that time (this one not so good) was that if you didn't get into the program window within a minute or three, and then tried to maximize the viewing window the program would not allow you to do so (had stopped responding). It appears to be working great now and responding very quickly! As always, thank you so much for this utility. I recommend it daily to anyone asking for help with the Yahoo! Groups switchover to 'mailing list only' format.

PS: As to your forum, yes, I can now log in with the email address I chose to associate there (not this one) no your blog. I guess I must have deleted the welcome message inadvertently.

Bob Hare aka Animated GIF Man

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BTW 907 is the latest version:





To all who have difficulty (some since the night of the 5th of December) in logging into your groups via PG Offline offline reader:
(*NOTE*: Please upgrade the software from v4.0.897 to v4.0.902 within the software first).

To Wilson Logan: Thank you once again for developing this *terrific* utility!

I found that even after upgrading to v4.0.902 I still failed to connect getting Yahoo's completely bogus notice that I entered the 'wrong' username/password combo - OR - I likely had 2-factor identification enabled (neither of which is true).

As to your Personal Groupware blog (still waiting for your acceptance of: animatedgifman agmscans.6318@... so I can post to the blog, please.

I wished for ALL PG Offline users to know that I had terrific success overcoming this login failure by using a VPN (I use Wind Scribe which accords me ~50 GBs of bandwidth at high speeds for free) and logging in on their Canada EAST location. Note: Canada WEST failed to fix the problem as did every USA VPN IP# I tried, but as I said, Yahoo! servers seemed to really like the taste of Canada East. I've been able to resume downloads of all group data from 4 1/2 dozen groups I manage (nearly 1/3 of a million members will probably be quite happy and surprised in a week or two (or maybe longer if our efforts *here* are successful!) to find I can hook them up with their archives intact! :-)

Hopefully this 'workaround' will be of benefit to the Archive Warriors who seem 'stuck' at this point.

To Brenda: I was thinking off the top of my head today, but do you know anyone familiar with the EU's new DMCA (and Privacy Act) equivalents they now have in effect (forget its acronym at the moment). What about that British Telephone company possibly suing for an emergency injunction to stop Yahoo! (UK?) from closing the groups on the premise that in destroying the groups (archives) they are in effect adversely affecting or even destroying their intellectual property and/or ability to function as a company?

Here are my before/after upgrade of PG Offline and trying with and without both Canada WEST (and finally Canada EAST Wind Scribe VPN IP #'s).

Canada WEST

Canada EAST

Thankfully, this is a (repeatable) success (connecting with Canada EAST VPN), as here is from earlier still:
Canada EAST

I do hope this information can help whoever is still trying desperately to salvage what we can. I have a ~1/3 of a million wishing me the best ...

Always with respect ...
Robert (Bob) Hare aka Animated GIF Man